Merchant Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : How long I will receive my money?2021-01-20T09:33:54+00:00

Money will be transfer into the registered bank account in maximum 3 working days.

Q2 : How secure is your payment gateway?2021-01-20T09:52:08+00:00

Our payment system gateway is tested and complied to industry standard with approval from Bank Negara Malaysia.

Q3 : Any setup fees?2021-01-20T09:53:33+00:00

No setup fees required. However, minimum fees will be applied on different type of devices.

Q4 : How many type of E-WALLET can be accepted?2021-01-20T09:55:31+00:00

We will frequently update when new E-Wallet is connected to our system.

Q5 : How do I view / check my transaction record?2021-01-20T09:57:00+00:00

The transaction records can be view in the App and Web Portal.

Q6 : How long does the transaction details can be retrieved? Can it be download?2021-01-20T10:00:52+00:00

Records is available to be download in the Web Portal up to 2 years. For transaction older than 2 years, please contact our customer services.