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bayarlah QR accepts various e-Wallets and Bank Apps for payments.

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bayarlah features

Increase Security

1. Real time notification
2. Voice & message notification
3. Prevent Scam & fraud

Complimentary business management system

1. Unique merchant app
2. Detailed transactions
3. Downloadable & printable statement

Complimentary outlet management and integration system

1. Integrate multiple outlets
2. Integrate multiple business
3. No extra charges

Unique shift management system

1. Diff. QR for diff. shifts
2. Prevent money loss
3. Effective tracking for shift based business

Representation on transaction disputes

1. On-the-spot problem solving
2. Representation to recover missing transaction
3. Time saving

Fast and immediate problem solving

1. QR code provided on-the-spot
2. Fast activation
3. Fast turn around in problem solving

Universal receiver

1. Accepts multiple QRs and e-Wallets
2. Convenience for merchants
3. Avoid confusion due to multiple individual payment gateways

Frequently Ask Question

How can merchants sign up to bayarlah?2022-02-15T04:34:31+00:00

Merchants can sign up to bayarlah by contact our customer services or apply at Merchant
Application Form. (Refer: Support page)


How many types of e-Wallet can be accepted?2022-02-15T04:35:57+00:00

bayarlah can be accepted more than 20 available banks and e-Wallet. (Refer: Payment Solution)

Is merchant account safe from others?2022-02-15T04:37:00+00:00

bayarlah will not disclose any information except to the related governmental authorities or third
parties where required by law and/or for legal purposes.


How do I check my transaction records?2022-02-15T04:38:17+00:00

The transaction records can be view through the bayarlah Apps and Web Portal.


How secure is my payment gateway?2022-02-15T04:39:02+00:00

Our payment system gateway is tested a complied to industry standard with approval from
Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).


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